Welding As a Hobby

We can’t recommend enough learning welding as a hobby! Beyond the fact that it’s a fun and exciting way to spend your weekend, there are so many practical applications for this skill that will improve your homelife! Have we talked you into it yet? If you’re on board and excited to get welding, we’d love to help you get set up for success by introducing you to a few tools you’ll benefit from purchasing right at the start. But first, a disclaimer! We’re talking about some specific equipment that is great to begin with, but we don’t touch on safety gear. We have other blog posts about that which we recommend you read through and it bears saying here as well: never weld without safety gear! If you’re uncertain where to start with that, you can always trust the folks at Sidney Lee Welding Supply to make sure you’re staying healthy while you weld! Okay, now on to some great tools.


To begin with, get yourself a good grinder! This will be essential for cutting metal as well as grinding and shaping your materials before you weld. The good news is that a decent grinder is very affordable, and you’ll get a lot of use out of it. While you’re at it, get a good set of welding clamps. Already have clamps at home? Rethink using those while you weld. If they have any plastic on them, they’re likely to melt when you apply the intense heat necessary to weld. Also, welding clamps tend to have a great deal more power to them than ones you’d use for woodworking and that’s essential for the welding work you’re about to do.


Obviously, an essential piece of equipment needed for this hobby is a welding machine. If you don’t know much about welding already, you may be surprised to learn just how many types are out there but don’t get overwhelmed! You can always visit Sidney Lee Welding Supply and talk with our experienced staff to see which welder they would recommend for the kinds of work you want to do. While you’re investing in a welding machine, throw in a few pairs of Welpers, too. This is one of the most essential tools for welding work and will make your life as a welder much easier. Akin in shape and size of pliers, there are many different uses for this tool such as cleaning out the splatter on the inside of your welding gun and cutting your MIG wire to the precise length.

We hope this general overview gives you some ideas as you begin your hobby as a welder! Want to learn more about each tool and find the perfect fit for you? Head to Sidney Lee Welding Supply in the Atlanta, GA area and let’s talk!