Welding around the Home and Garden

Victory gardens were planted in war time so that citizens could rely on themselves to provide food during hard times. While we aren’t at war in the same way, our economy is shifting, and one area of concern might be food supplies in the year ahead. Welders can get to work to help this new economy by creating helpful products for gardening and farming. Here are some DIY project ideas for your modern victory gardens! Just call Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co for your welding equipment needs in Atlanta, GA today.


If you’re fortunate enough to have some outdoor space to cultivate, or have access to a community garden, then hopefully you’re making the most of this beautiful summer sun. Not only a great source of vitamin D for humans, the sun also gives plants the nutriment they need to grow though photosynthesis. That’s why your seedlings and young plants need to have access to the bright rays, and as a welder you and your Miller Welder machine can help. Create trellises and simple structures for vines to crawl along – choose stainless steel and aluminum if you’ve got it. These garden projects can be a fun way to repurpose scrap from your shop into usable food producing abundance in the yard! If you’ve got spools of wire or odd-length pieces of narrow tubing, practice your MIG on the aluminum and weld a cross-hatch of ladders for Jack’s beanstalk to climb into the clouds!


Another helpful garden item is the plant stand, which can also be welded by DIY and Hobbyist welders for fun and abundance. Flowers, vegetable seedlings, and tasty herbs can all begin as potted plants. You can weld all sorts of shapes together to make both flowerpots and troughs to contain other flowerpots. Just use any mid-gauge scrap of approximately 7 inches wide by at least 2 feet long, and decide whether you want to create a rounded or right-angled design. Practice your beading with a carefully welded frame, then join the sheet and practice spot welding to make a tight container. With more robust pieces of iron and rebar, you can make a stand for your flower pots and let your new garden reach for the sun. Enjoy the crafting, and call Sidney Lee Welding Supply for any welding supplies you don’t already have in your hobbyist welding studio in Atlanta, GA.