Welding and the Medical Industry

The technologies we hold dear as welders often have surprising uses in all kinds of fields across industry, including the medical and scientific industries. These days we continue to hear stories of how important PPE or personal protective equipment is in the fight against the new SARS-2 virus. As welders we know PPE. All that protection gear in our welding supplies in Georgia comes in useful – who hasn’t seen someone in a welding helmet in the grocery store aisle? At Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co we are glad to provide our customers with the range of personal protective equipment from Miller Welders and other fine purveyors of welding supplies.


Most people picture welders in heavy helmets, with tinted windows and complicated ventilation tech coming out the back. But you know that welding equipment can be simple too – like the trusty and lightweight plastic face shield. These days such an item is in high demand, and we are glad to stock the best face shields available. We have the size and shape you want – of course, call us first at any of our five convenient locations for welding supplies in Atlanta, GA. We wouldn’t want you leaving your house just to find we might have sold out of your favorite welding item.

If you are a well-stocked home welder or professional with their own business, it is more than likely that you have a good supply of N-95 masks or similar, for mitigating all the dust that comes with grinding and sanding after you weld. If you’re out, or you’ve donated your stock to a local hospital, we’ve got you covered for other PPE. While we are never in the business of giving medical advice, a face shield sure does look like a better way to brave the crowds at your big box store than a home-sewn cloth mask alone. Why not both! Look cool and show off your welding cred while staying healthy and keeping others healthy too. Win, win, win, and weld – with Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co.