Welding and Metalsmithing

Welders know metals. At Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in Atlanta, GA we know metals, too. If you as a welder don’t have a broad and detailed understanding of metallurgy – the study of metals – then no amount of expertise with welding supplies in Atlanta will do you any good. Let’s take a moment to appreciate how important metals have been to our history as people on good old planet Earth. From flux core to ultra-thin titanium sheets to tungsten rods, welding supplies are mostly metal. And that doesn’t even include all the glorious metals that we select, cut, shape, and, well, weld! Remember the Ages? Stone, Bronze, Iron, etc.? As welders, we get to hop timelines and work across the ages, cruising into the modern age with our Miller welders and all the greatest technology available for customers of welding supplies in Georgia and across the USA.


Back in the day, and we’re talking way, way back in the day, our ancestors couldn’t weld, but they sure could shape stones. Flint, especially, became the tool of the trade: chipping away at a flint point with a harder stone, the stone mason was born. Weaponry, cooking tools, and just about anything requiring an edge could be shaped by the flintsmith of the Stone Age. Then, thousands of years later, in the Age of Metals, about eight thousand years ago, we’ve found evidence that people were smelting copper over in Asia Minor. Wow! Heating up a pure element to make useful shapes almost sounds like welding… Then a few thousand more years progressed before we get to the Bronze Age, when people really got down to crafting metals similar to how we work as modern metalsmiths. If you visit a museum and browse their Bronze period collections, you might even gain some inspiration as a modern welder. That beautiful copper alloy was so workable, and it shined up nice enough to produce some of the greatest statues across Asia.


Bronze sure is pretty, but it doesn’t hold a candlestick to iron. Once the forges got fired up and Hephaistos gave humanity iron, well, the rest is history. From a simple ore to a smelted, molded, machined point, the Iron Age brought us tools, handicrafts, and also mighty weapons like never before. Considering how incredibly the ironsmiths changed our world, it is sort of amazing to think that we’ve only been making iron stuff for a few thousand years. Of course, maybe it’s equally incredible how far we’ve come in the last century or so, the age of Steel, and now, Silicon. So next time you’re torching some titanium with your TIG from Miller Welders, or even cutting stainless steel with your favorite plasma cutter, think about this historical journey! Then call Sidney Lee for the welding supplies you need to get ahead in this modern world.