Welding Alloys

If you are a professional welder, knowing your metals is an important basis for the trade. The blacksmith has a forge to create wrought iron, the silversmith has their tools, and the welder has welding supplies to work with a variety of different metals. From the right kind of flux core to the right Miller Welders machine, welding is as much a knowledge game as it is a manual skill. Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co has the welding equipment you need in Atlanta, GA to work with all range of metals from steel to aluminum.


Welding equipment best suited for working with alloys are Gas Tungsten Arc Welders (GTAW), Gas Metal Arc Welders (GMAW) and Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW). Stick welding with SMAW uses a consumable made with steel covered in a flux coating. As with all kinds of welding, the goal is to reach a certain level of heat required to melt and join the desired metal, while also maintaining some amount of shielding to allow for purity of weld. Oxidization is the nemesis of all welders regardless of the specialty.

For alloys like nickel, that oxidation is prevented through a process called annealing, which brings the welder back to a forge of sorts. This is done in a furnace in which the welded metal undergoes a finalizing process of controlled heating. Another issue that can weaken a weld of an alloyed metal is that of porosity. This is addressed by applying other elements like titanium and aluminum to the electrode. Another useful technique is to add a welding gas such as argon gas for shielding.


With GTAW, the tungsten electrode acts much like a filament in an incandescent lightbulb, conducting enough heat to melt the weldment at the point of contact. Whether you are welding alloys of copper, aluminum, nickel or steel, we at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co have the welding machines you need to accomplish the best caliber welds in Atlanta, GA.