Welding All Kinds of Metal with MIG/MAG, Etc.

As metallurgy gets more advanced, welding equipment also increases in technologically prowess. Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co is proud to carry the latest in useful welding supplies like those manufactured by Miller welders in our five convenient store locations in Hampton, Macon, Conyers, Douglasville, and Atlanta, GA. Most welders these days operate arc welders that either feed wire, flux or shielding gas to create an arc and maintain a clean pool free of oxidization at the weldments. As suppliers of all kinds of welding gases, Sidney Lee knows what welders need to operate TIG, MIG and even MAG welders.


If you are an experienced welder, no doubt you have used a MIG welder. It’s the sedan of the welding supply field. If your work entails softer metals that require a certain temperature constant, no doubt you also operate TIG now and then. Tungsten inert gas welders are the favored torch for those welding titanium, for example. It’s that high quality shielding gas that lets welders make precise welds and minimize corrosive extras getting in the pool. One level up on the GMAW scale with gas metal arc welding is the MIG/MAG system of twin-wire torches. The difference between a MIG and a MAG is the kind of gas, “active” being the change from “inert.” Twin-wire welding is often found on robotic assembly lines because they are able to create rapid weldments that once automated can retain the quality needed for mass produced metalwork.


The name of the game for the art of designing welding equipment is reducing porosity in a final weld. The less porous the weld, the stronger the bond and longer lasting the creation for whatever product in the aerospace or tech world. From an engineering perspective, the way the cutting edge is pushed ever forward is from the way energy is fed through the wire of the welding torch. Power supply and control gets more sophisticated, from the days of blowing oxy through a tank on a pedal, to AC and DC units, to more finely modulated energy to create the right arc for the right metal. So, the dual wires of a MIG/MAG unit permit the operator of welding equipment to select the best current for the moment’s work. On the high end of this scale there is also the pulsed laser variety of MAG welding, which has usages in the medical and aerospace industries. For your more conventional welding equipment needs be sure to contact Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in Atlanta GA.