Welding a Walk Through the Park

Welding as a form of art is one of our favorite past-times over here at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in Atlanta, GA. What’s better than enjoying a creative afternoon with our welding equipment and going to town on all the bits and pieces of scrap metal left over from a week’s work in the shop?

Recently we perused a great selection of welded art in an autumn walk through a sculpture garden. Let’s take a look at an array of skillfully crafted welded art and some of the expertise with welding equipment that went into that artistry.


One piece that caught our attention, from one welder to another, is entitled “Weld on, Kings of Tomorrow”. This multimedia art combines welded steel and plexiglass to create an homage to the forefathers of welding and their sacrifices made for the present generation. Checking out this artist’s other work at his site Diesel Works, we see a love for combining metals—wrought with welding equipment such as oxy-cutters and MIG welders—with everyday objects, wood, and other soft materials. Our welding helmet’s off to you, welders of today and tomorrow!

Stepping further down the art walk path, the eyes meet Persephone’s Dream, a lovely work of art made by casting bronze. While this one is beyond the usual use of modern welding supplies, how can we not pause a moment at our kindred art out of the bronze foundry.


The welder behind Woodman Works calls himself a junksmith, and it shows: his array of finely wrought faces turn scrap steel and discarded machine parts into all kinds of fun outdoor sculpture. His piece at this art walk especially caught our attention. Chronos, an homage to the Greek god of Time, is assembled from steel sheet, rod, bar, and other found steel parts along with rivets. It resembles an airplane whose propeller ticks off time along a welded wheel frame, all set in motion by the natural flow of wind in the air.Next, the fabricated steel wheels of Wheel Wall remind us that any scrap metals can truly form something new and whole in the hands of a skilled welder. What works of art will you create to impress your friends and family for the holidays? If you need welding equipment for your DIY welded art projects in the Atlanta region, just call Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co today.