Welding: A Creative Approach

Using welding as a fabrication method for sculpture certainly isn’t new, but we don’t often hear of all-female liberal arts programs that encourage all of their students to get comfortable with welding. For students at Converse College in Spartanburg, SC, it doesn’t matter if you’re majoring in photography or painting, you’re likely going to get your hands on a Millermatic in the Sculpture 1 course. Like any good educational program, this course offers a solid foundation in welding and then helps students troubleshoot issues that arise from using different materials and seeking to create various structures.


Instructors for the course encourage their students to get comfortable quickly working with welding techniques. They want the students to leave the course with the ability to independently fabricate at a basic level. But obviously, some who take the course find they are called to the world of welding beyond the course. For that, the school offers advanced courses to help sculpture students gain more skills and work with increasingly complex techniques and materials.


Sometimes, the experience of learning to weld prompts students to pursue further welding training at a technical school, leaving art behind to work in manufacturing and industry. Other students choose to continue incorporating welding into their artistic pursuits and metalwork features in their sculptures and large installations. But even when the students don’t choose to stick with welding in their careers, they all leave the program knowing they’ve learned the basics of the technique and can apply that in the future.

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