Welders in Need, Indeed!

As a welder, you know you’re a part of one of the most reliable job markets in the country. Operating welding equipment in Atlanta GA is an ideal career today. As our nation’s infrastructure advances in age, skilled folks like you will be necessary to maintain and repair crumbling machinery, manufacturing facilities, and civil engineering challenges like bridges and tunnels. Help society make it through a difficult period by applying your welding know-how to these problems.


The arc welder: just saying it brings excitement to the imagination, as sparks fly from electrode to metal workpiece. Arc welders of all kinds, from your basic stick to modern AC/DC machines from Miller Welders, are responsible for helping professional welders get the job done time and time again. Steelworkers are the real infrastructure of the work-force, welding wherever and whenever to create, repair, and maintain the tallest buildings and finest bridges in every city and state. Repairing metalwork is a unique skill of its own that comes from experience. Learning how to spot and fix a bad weldment takes a certain eye. If you’re a young welder eager to learn this essential craft, we recommend finding a senior welding expert you can apprentice under. There is really no better way to get a feel for this art than by observing someone who’s been doing it for decades! So if you’ve gotten your welding certification and want to take the next step toward a career in welding maintenance, why not call up Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in Atlanta GA to find a welding expert near you.


Welders know: the smallest details can make a world of difference. Choosing the right flux and the right melt temperature are two minor details that will really add up if neglected. Ignorance is no excuse and certainly doesn’t equal bliss in the world of welding supplies. Get it right the first time, or at least get it right as soon as possible. Just be sure to leave your best weldments at the jobsite when you leave for the day. To all our welders out there making our infrastructure safe, we at Sidney Lee salute you!