Underwater Welders learn Pipefitting

We at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in Atlanta, GA love hearing exciting stories from those who use welding equipment in unusual situations. Way up on our high-rise job sites or inside the air-conditioned workshops that most of our colleagues work out of, its easy to forget our neighbors under the sea. No, not the mythical mermaids of welding lore, but the hard-working professionals who weld while they wear additional diving suits. Underwater welding is one way to up the ante on the challenge ratio, as well as upping your pay as a welder!


Student welders can learn the watery art of welding underseas without even leaving land, thanks to innovative educational companies like Commercial Divers International. This school teaches new welders to dive by filling giant tanks in the desert with enough water to simulate an ocean job site. After logging 300 hours managing welding supplies underwater, the student welders are qualified to take extremely lucrative positions like those available working as pipefitters off the Gulf Coast and other oil-rig related jobs. Of course, underwater welding can happen in many places, not just in the ocean. Just think how those beautiful aquariums get put together and repaired? By welders working underwater, of course.


Welding is always a physically demanding job, as you know. Yet to be an underwater welder you have to manage the diving gear on top of the usual welding equipment. Helmets alone can weigh in at 40 pounds– though once you get safely underwater, things do tend to lighten up! Then there are the demands of working under pressure, mentally and respirationally. That’s why it’s important to enter into a qualified education program before you think of venturing into this exhilarating branch of welding. It may be the only kind of welding where the welding gases are meant for you to breathe! Just be sure to stick to pure oxygen. For the welding supplies required for this and other types of welding, you can call the branch of Sidney Lee Welding Supply nearest to you in the Atlanta, GA area.