The Wide World of Welding

If you’re reading our blog, it probably means you’ve got a healthy interest in the subject of welding. As you start exploring this topic, we think it’s worth noting that welding is an incredibly broad field with a great deal of moving parts. The term “welding” itself covers a large array of different techniques and niche work. There are hundreds, and maybe thousands, of differing methods of joining materials that all qualify as a part of this larger group. These methods vary hugely depending on the material you want to join, the equipment you are working with, and the specific way you choose to create the join.


Regardless of materials, equipment, or method, all welding techniques involve the process of fusion, which involves the melting of the metal you are working with. One of the wonderful things about welding is that this can be achieved in countless ways and there are certain techniques that are reserved for specific materials and projects. We’ve covered the topic of MIG vs TIG welding on out blog before, and this is a great example of how some techniques are better suited for corresponding metals.


If you’re wondering why the variety of welding techniques reach into the triple or quadruple digits, we’ll start with metal. Iron-based metals are much easier to work with and can be used as a material for many different welding methods. However, other metals are more complicated, requiring lengthier processes, different types of gas or levels of heat, and so on. Beyond this, completing a welding job in a metal shop requires very different equipment and techniques than welding underwater or in space. Because welding is such an integral part of our civilization, it’s grown with us as we’ve evolved and adapted to fit all different kinds of needs!

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