The Welders who Make Art

We talk a lot on this blog about the many careers and job opportunities that come your way when you have welding skills. There seems to always be a growing demand for more welding experts in the construction, mechanical, maintenance, and repair industries, but what about welding as a form of art? Don’t get us wrong, we can see beauty in the utilitarian work of our welding community, but it’s interesting to look at the work of those who use their Miller machines to create sculptures. Which tools and materials are in high demand for those who weld art? We’re glad you asked.


Many welding artists prefer working with steel for their sculptural pieces. The forgiving nature of this metal is helpful as they investigate form through the application of heat and hand tools. A MIG welding machine can aid in the process of creating texture and interest to the piece. And once again, steel responds quickly to these tools, malleable and easily changed should a mistake occur. Whether you’re working with sheets of steel or ¼” rods, there’s a lot you can make when you get creative.


Depending on one’s level of expertise, a jig saw or nice shears are a handy tool for the welding artist, allowing them to cut sheet metal into the pieces they’ll use to compose their work. A grinder is a necessary accessory, allowing for buffing, smoothing, grinding, polishing and more. These tools help to add finishing touches to the welded sculpture at every step of the way. Of course, hand tools are helpful too, depending on the object being sculpted. It can be nice to have a good set of ball pein hammers to shape the metal before welding. With just a few tools, so much can be accomplished, and huge sculptures can be created with a little practice and some forethought. Got some scrap you’re not sure what to do with? Maybe it’s time to experiment! Come to Sidney Lee Welding Supply and stock up on the equipment you need to inspire your creativity!