The Power of Welding

Picture this: you’ve just invested in your dream Miller welding machine, along with that right angle grinder you’ve had your eye on. You can’t wait to bring it back to your welding workshop and use it in combination with some of your favorite tools and equipment. But wait, before you get started, we have to talk about one of the less exciting but absolutely crucial topics of wielding these machines!


To keep multiple machines up and running at the same time requires the right amount of power in your workshop. This is a moment where we have to plug (pun intended!) the ever-incredible Miller machines. These are rated for energy efficiency, which allows you to moderate how much power you’re utilizing when you have them running. Miller welding machines can do the job for less power, saving you electricity and money in the long run. We believe in long-term solutions at Sidney Lee Welding Supply, so we always suggest investing in Miller.


But beyond the right machine, it’s important to choose the right cord. Electrical cords can make your life easier or harder, depending on what you choose. Here, we also suggest investing in the more efficient choice to serve you in the long run. The last thing you want is for a machine to stop right in the middle of a complicated weld because you ran out of power. If possible, use short-distance cords to reduce resistance that can build up in the lengthier cords.

Are you setting up a shop and looking for pointers on increasing your efficiency? We can help. Come by Sidney Lee Welding Supply and talk with our team to get the best advice in the Atlanta, GA area!