The Delicious Side of Welding

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s been a recent uptick in breweries and local beer crafters. As one of our country’s fastest growing industries, breweries do a lot of good for their community. From offering friends a great place to meet and taste delicious, interesting brews, to creating more demand for welding and welding supplies, we’re glad to see this world expanding! So how does beer benefit the welding community? Let’s find out!


Your favorite local brewery had to get started somewhere. As often as not, that may have been in someone’s garage or spare room. When brewing beer becomes more than a hobby but a passion, it’s time to upgrade to a welded barrel. Beer is brewed in stainless steel and if you’re a welder, you know it takes some skill to make sure your objects are watertight. That’s where our welding skills come in handy, helping our brewer friends by delivering professional seams to ensure their brew is safe!


A cold, crisp beer just wouldn’t be the same without the fizz! That’s where we come in once again. Brewers often utilize welding gas as a source of carbon dioxide to get their beverages bubbling. While we don’t recommend using just any type of welding gas for your brews, you can always trust the stock at Sidney Lee Welding Supply! We have Purity Plus certified welding gasses that are sure to help your brews stand out!

Want to learn more about how we support our local breweries? Stop into a Sidney Lee Welding Supply location to talk about how our welding supplies help make delicious brews in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas!