The Art of Welding

When you mention welding, the first thing that comes to mind for us is fabrication. Welding has been used for a very long time to create infrastructure and buildings, tools and furniture, and countless other utilitarian objects. But there’s another side to welding; a more artistic use. For as long as we’ve been able to work with metals to create useful objects and structures, people have also used this material to make expressive art.


Although metal art is by no means relegated to one category, a lot of welded art comes in the form of sculptures. From realistic human figures to towering geometric or abstract structures, artists that utilize welding in their creative practice have limitless options when it comes to subject matter and size. One of the oldest welded metal artists is known as Julio González, who came from a long line of metalsmith workers. Like many other sculpture artists in history and today, he learned the skill of working with metal from a utilitarian standpoint and only later, decided to use the material to create artwork.


Like welders that work in construction or manufacturing, artists use a lot of the same tools to create their work. From high-quality Miller welding machines to plasma cutters, these tools can be used for a huge variety of purposes. When welded art first came into popularity, it was mainly due to advancements in arc welding technologies. But along with these more complicated pieces of equipment, metal artists sometimes utilize a number of everyday objects to create their work, such as simple hand tools and paint.

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