Teaching Welding Skills to Incarcerated People

We’re glad to see interest in the welding field from all kinds of populations! Welding instruction is offered in many different environments, including inside prisons where interest is high and on the rise. Learning this trade is an excellent way for incarcerated people to set themselves up for success when facing the challenges leveled on them around finding employment after being released. We’re enthusiastic about organizations that offer quality welding instruction to this population, helping them build a better, stable future! And remember, our locations in Atlanta, Conyers, Hampton, Macon, and Douglasville, GA are happy to welcome all welding customers!


Despite sometimes limited educational opportunities offered within prisons, there are many that offer vocational training resulting in a certificate from tech schools associated with the project. Formerly incarcerated people are able to pursue diplomas at the same tech schools after receiving this certificate while in prison, setting them up for excellent job prospects with this thorough training. Even without the diploma, however, these students are qualified to work entry-level jobs in the welding world which are sure to offer opportunities for honing skills and advancing in their career.


Landing a job as a formerly incarcerated person is incredibly difficult, but educational programs with training like these can make a huge impact. Recidivism often occurs due to lack of employment but entering the job market with hirable skills like welding is a good way to avoid this issue. Beyond skills, these types of programs also offer hope for their attendees, illustrating realistic paths for these welding students to take in order to avoid being pulled back into the prison system. With an industry that sees enormous growth every year and always has incredible demand for employees, welding offers incarcerated people an excellent skill to utilize in the next chapter of their life!

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