Teaching Those Behind Bars to Weld Bars

Welding Behind Bars

One of the places you might not expect to find eager welders is behind bars. Though on the other hand, it makes sense, being around all that metal and without much else to do. Teaching inmates to weld can give them hope of a future trade once on the outside. Once-hardened criminals are now mastering the art of working with hardened materials like steel and titanium in welding classes across the South, from Kentucky to Georgia. It seems that we can count on a steady stream of reformed and ready professional users of welding equipment in the Atlanta region. At Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co, our stores in Macon, Douglasville, Hampton, and Conyers are open to all welding customers in Georgia.


Close to Atlanta, over in Gwinnett County, GA, a new crop of welders have graduated from the first class of vocational training offered to inmates in that county. After a serious course of 18 weeks, they have obtained an actual certificate from the local tech school. If released, these student welders can even return to that same technical school to apply what they have already learned toward a full diploma. Others can opt to try their hands at entry-level jobs utilizing welding supplies around the Atlanta, GA region.


Over in Kentucky, inmates have been given the chance to learn welding, too. The prison administration hopes to use this exciting training as a way to decrease recidivism. If ex-cons have hirable skills, it makes sense they wouldn’t need to return to their previous ways on the streets. Inmates in this program report that their supervised visits to the local tech college give them hope and skills, as well as experience: they’ve already learned how to build things like home furnishings and individual mechanical parts. With literally thousands of career openings in that region alone, it is more than a faint hope. We all know that welding is a necessity in all kinds of workplaces. So even though formerly incarcerated folk face challenges on the outside, with proper knowledge of welding equipment like Miller welders in their arsenals, job skills might not be one of their future problems after all.