Taking Welding Into the Future

Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co prides itself on offering our customers the best welding equipment available in the Atlanta, GA area. We’re always on the lookout for new trends in welding and enjoy sharing with you the cutting edge developments in our field. Although our welding supplies are made in the USA whenever possible, we keep an eye progress made across the pond, too. We can all benefit from innovations abroad. Today we’ll look at two technologies in the works—one day they may help us weld here at home, too.


Last month we covered new ways of welding with lasers. Now we’ll take a look at electron beam welding, which might sounds similar. These are actually two different forms of power beam welding. Anyhow, the British government has just invested approximately two billion dollars into researching this cutting-edge method of welding. By pouring their funds into this technology, the Crown hopes to modernize its ability to manufacture and repair their world-class naval fleet, as well as increase their competitive stance in building nuclear infrastructure. Much like the laser method we described in a previous post, the point of electron beam welding is that the operator can very quickly heat metals together. Just a single pass of an electron beam will fuse metals together due to the high velocity attack of the energy particles against the metal.

The only issue so far is that this kind of machine has worked in lab settings, but not yet on the hull of an actual ship, for example. So it is possible that with this new research program in place, we will soon be seeing workable welding equipment that operates at the electron beam level. Experts suggest improvements of thirty times the speed with this new tech. Maybe welders of the future will just wave their magic electron wands at metals and create perfect fabrication that looks effortless by today’s standards. But until that day, we can depend on the welding equipment produced by trustworthy companies like Miller welders to get the job done.


Besides the actual welding rod, there is the hand that wields the welder. What if that hand were a machine’s?

German engineers are developing robots that can weld automotive parts to spec. The concept is to program the robots by means of the CAD designs that detail particular weldments to be made. But don’t worry, welder, the robot needs adult supervision as it goes about its work operating welding equipment. Maybe we can think of it as an advanced welding machine operated by an equally skilled welder who has gained additional knowledge of the 3D software. Such a collaboration might eventually help human productivity by exponential amounts. As always, you can find the welding supplies you need in the Atlanta, GA at any of Sidney Lee Welding Supply Company’s five convenient locations.