Surgical Welding News

While we usually like to provide you with the best updates on welding supplies in Georgia such as welding gas like argon and welding equipment like Miller welders, every so often we at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co. enjoy catching up on the latest far-out trends in welding technology. These are the kinds of stories that feature items we aren’t ever likely to stock in our Atlanta, GA area stores, but just like to look at and say, wow, welding sure is a diverse and amazing field of knowledge!


Biological scientists at the University of Bristol report utilizing a new technology that essentially lets cells weld themselves together. While the effects are currently seen at the very tiny level of intercellular healing, the researchers hope that this discovery, like all scientific discovery, can one day be used in other broad-based ways  by people outside their immediate field. The tech is based on engineering stem cells, rather than arc welds. The rejiggered cells learn to weld together by means of a special enzyme called thrombin. Modified cell membranes are then soaked in a solution dashed with the protein from blood known as fibrinogen. The cells in this situation naturally welded together due to the reaction from these elements on the surface of the cells. As any welder knows, a clean surface is the first step to a solid weld. Sounds like mother nature agrees even at the micro-level of our body’s own cells.


The purpose of all this medical magic is to allow for cells to be transplanted in patients’ bodies and survive the difficult journey. Strongly welded groups of cells can protect each other and make it on their own in a strange new environment. When you think about it, that sounds a lot like a MIG welded iron fence standing strong out in the difficult elements of rural Georgia, for example. We at Sidney Lee applaud the leaps and bounds taken by our medical colleagues, and invite you to find the welding supplies you need at our stores in Douglasville, Macon, Hampton, and Conyers in the Atlanta, GA area.