Supplying the Ice Cream Industry of GA

The weather is warming up again, which means a few things: we’re shedding our layers, getting outside, and more importantly, eating more ice cream! Who doesn’t love to cool off with a couple of scoops on a summer afternoon? We sure do, which is why Sidney Lee Welding Supply is proud to serve multiple ice cream producers and vendors throughout Georgia. But what do ice cream companies need from a welding supply store?

The equipment it takes to produce ice cream requires plenty of welding, but most of the time these vendors are coming to us for gas!

Did you know that nitrogen gas is often used in ice cream production? Many ice cream producers use nitrogen to freeze things quickly. Nitrogen prevents large ice crystals from forming, resulting in a smooth and creamy dessert that can be made in mere seconds. Now that’s some cool science! Nitrogen gas (or N02) is also very useful for keeping things cool, and for creating small, creamy bubbles in soda fountain drinks or draft beer.

Sidney Lee supplies bulk gasses like nitrogen, argon, CO2, and more to the working professionals of GA. Give us a call or visit your local Sidney Lee store to learn what we have in stock and how we may be able to serve you.