Summertime Welding Safety

Folks who operate welding equipment in Georgia and other hot, southern states have to be prepared to work safely in changing conditions. Fortunately, many of the precautions one would take to ensure a cool welding environment are the same you would take to ensure a generally safe workspace. The name of the game is circulation: air in, air out. Let’s take a look at the best ways to keep your cool when you’re dropping beads of hot flux onto your working weldment.


Our friends at Miller Welders have the stuff you need to keep working hard while welding in hot conditions like Atlanta, GA in summertime. The Coolbelt Head Cooling system is meant to fan cool air under your hood. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to maximize breathing while fighting off heat exhaustion. Don’t think it’s just for summer, though, since you like breathing fresh air year-round, don’t you?

With our field being especially susceptible to airborne particles, in some work situations it is absolutely necessary to don the right gear to purify the air, too. To get the gear from Miller Electric in Macon, Conyers, Douglasville, or Hampton across the Atlanta, GA region, check out Sidney Lee Welding Supply’s locations near you.

WORKS GREAT WITH OTHER MILLER WELDING EQUIPMENTThe Coolbelt system is especially designed to operate under the Miller Autodarkening Helmet. Better yet it functions from a battery pack that clips to your belt: no cords to get in the way of your safe welding environment. And don’t worry, the swiveling design is meant to keep your eyes where they need to be, not where the equipment thinks they should. Not sure if this add-on fits your existing welding supplies? For this or any other questions about finding the best welding supplies in Georgia, just call us at Sidney Lee to get the right.