Student Welding Spotlight

Tech schools across the country prepare students to be welders early in adulthood. Both high school and college-aged students can learn the skills they need to operate welding equipment in Georgia and beyond. One innovative secondary school program in the Midwest gives science students the computer skills to design and implement welding projects of their own. Computer-aided design and drafting, or CADD, is the umbrella term for these classes.

CADD students can create 3D versions of their intended creations before getting down to the metalwork in order to make sure their ideas were mechanically workable. One school decided to create a competition to make this process more fun. Nationally there are also competitions underway such as the James F. Lincoln Foundation Welding Awards. What’s better than a prize incentive? The chance to be famous, of course. That’s why the town hired the students to design their own skate park. The best of the students from surrounding areas were selected and got to do their own research and development to answer their town’s public works needs. Recreating ramps out of welded metal ensured a stronger foundation for the town’s young skaters, and the CADD students gained a ton of real world expertise. They can bring all of this to their future careers as operators of the best welding equipment such as the Miller welders available at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in the Atlanta, GA area.

Another initiative aimed to get students future jobs in welding is from Job Corps in Louisiana. This government enterprise has created a mobile welding lab to teach students on the go. Employing welding instructors with years of real world career expertise, the lab visits students interested in learning what it takes to become a professional welder. What makes Job Corps really special is that it is tuition-free. That means students from underserved areas of the country can get the vocational education they need to begin replacing the nation’s rapidly retiring workforce. This is especially true in the field of welding, where baby-boomers are beginning to open up space for the younger set. All that students need is technical education like this in order to succeed. According to government estimates, there will be hundreds of thousands of openings for eligible welders in the next couple of years alone. We at Sidney Lee Welding Supply are geared up to support our young student welders obtain and learn about the welding supplies they need to succeed in the real world. Contact the store closest to you in Atlanta, Macon, Douglasville, Hampton, or Conyers, Georgia today.