Student Welders Help Others Learn to Weld

Welding Flourishes as Trade Schools on the Rise

At Sidney Lee Welding Supply, we love the student welders we meet in the Atlanta, GA area. We enjoy sharing our fifty years of welding experience with the bright-eyed learners who are just beginning on their path to a secure career in our chosen field. So we were glad to read two items in the news about advanced student welders reaching out to help younger ones get started. It just goes to show that this exciting and challenging line of work can be accessible to more people than you might think. Our economy will be better off the more people know their way around welding equipment, that’s for sure.


One metalworks company in Wisconsin partnered with a local college welding program to host an innovative summer program for middle school students who are interested in learning about opportunities ahead in industrial work. This educational partnership allowed kids as young 12 to observe how welding is done. Students were able to watch experts utilize welding equipment such as MIG welders and plasma cutters in real world industrial applications. Toward the end of this summer program, the kids were even able to operate some of the welding equipment themselves. Everyone involved was excited to see how this form of experiential education allowed youngsters to envision themselves in professional situations they might not have otherwise learned about in school.


On the other side of the educational landscape, so to speak, lies the work that some welding educators bring to prison inmates eager to gain skills on the inside. Out in nearby Gainesville, not far from Sidney Lee’s location in Atlanta, Georgia, another innovative welding program allows qualified inmates to gain practical work experience to prepare themselves for a productive life once on the outside. Back in society, they are armed with knowledge and abilities they can put to use right away. Some have worked for reputable companies via transitional programs even prior to their release. A welding workshop is located adjacent to the minimum-security prison, and certification takes place over a ten week period of hands-on learning. For non-violent offenders who can afford the program, they can even take their welding equipment to the home that awaits them once they become free citizens once again. We are glad to share this inspiring story of rehabilitation through welding, with you, our loyal welding customers in the Atlanta, GA region.