Steel Structures

The world of steel is wide and if you work with it, you’ve got to be familiar with the varied structures available. As welders, it’s important for us to understand how the differing types affect our work and which ones are appropriate for each job. Each job site requires specific materials to ensure the safety of the structure being built. Today on the blog, we delve into a few structural shapes of steel and their uses.


I Beams come in a few different shapes, but all have a similar structure. They each have flanges on the top and bottom and webs in the middle, connecting the flanges. This family includes the S Beam, I Beam, H Beam, and T Beam. Each of these beams have minute singularities that differentiate them from each other, such as thickness of flanges, thickness of webs, and angle between flange and web.


The S Beam, I Beam, and T Beam are appropriate materials to use when constructing a building whereas H Beams are more typically used for piles. When you see a crew working on a highway or constructing a bridge, the H Beams are what’s being driven into the ground for structural integrity. S Beams are used for girders or columns whereas I Beams are used in roof structures and structural connections. Lastly, the T Beam can be used for a number of different applications including structural flooring and bracing during construction.

Are you interested in a construction career where you’ll work with these materials? With some welding skills under your belt, you’ll be well on your way. Stop into Sidney Lee Welding Supply anytime for high quality welding materials and inspiration for your career path!