Stay Cool, Stay Safe

Believe us when we say that we here at Sidney Lee Welding Supply understand how hot the summers can get. Georgia during the warmer months isn’t somewhere you want to be caught without cold water and some shade. But when it comes to welding, you need to make sure that your shop or welding area is safe during the heat waves. Luckily, summer safety precautions aren’t too different than what you might run into at any other time of the year. The key point is that you need good circulation to ensure that everyone in the workspace stays safe. Let’s get into our recommendations!


We love Miller. Not only do they make incredible welding machines and equipment, they’ve also created the Coolbelt Head Cooling system, which fans cool air exactly where you need it; directly under your hood. Given how important air circulation is to welding, this is an inexpensive way to make sure you’re treating your lungs well while you work! But just in case you’re not sure how much you’ll be welding during the summer, you can rest assured that this is not only for when it’s hot outside. This system can be used all year round to keep you safe!


Because Miller makes a lot of different tools and equipment, the good news about the Coolbelt Head Cooling system is that it works very well with their other products. It was specifically engineered to be a companion to the Miller Autodarkening Helmet, which is another great piece of equipment that will help you weld more precisely. And even better, it’s fueled by a battery pack that sits right on your belt, leaving your welding space free of cords that might get in the way.

If you’re curious about this system or want more advice about staying cool while you work this summer, you can always stop by your nearest Sidney Lee Welding Supply location for tips and tricks! We’d love to see you!