Starting Off Your Business with the Right Tools

Okay, hopefully at this point, we’ve talked you into starting a welding business of your own! So how do you get started? One of the most important things to do as you begin this new business is to make sure you’ve got all the right tools. And your helpful Sidney Lee Welding Supply staff is here and ready with the suggestions to help you start off with all the tools you’ll need to succeed! Let’s break it down.


First and foremost, you’ll need a welder. We always recommend our Miller welders because their performance is unbeatable. From the simple to the complex, Miller makes welding machines for varying levels of skills and techniques and provides some that can accommodate different styles of welding. Something further to think about is portability. If you have a shop in mind (or are ready to remodel the garage), this isn’t a priority. However, if you can’t run your business out of your home, find a portable machine that you can take to the worksite. Second, you’ll need a quality cutting machine. Whether you prefer an oxy-acetylene torch or a plasma cutter is up to you but one or the other will be a useful tool to your work.


Another important tool for welders is a grinder and a variety of grinding disks. When you choose the right grinder for you, make sure you’re using the grinding guard while you work to ensure hand safety. Undeniably, you’ll also need a good drill set to help you with your welding, fabrication, and installation work.


No matter what type of welding you do, you absolutely must have quality safety equipment. Protect your eyes and hands while you work with a good helmet and heavy-duty gloves. Filters keep your lungs healthy and ear protection keeps your hearing intact.

Ready to stock up and get your business rolling? Sidney Lee Welding Supply carries everything you need to begin! Stop in to one of our five locations any time!