Start Your Career!

If you’re reading this blog, you must have some interest in welding. And if you’ve kept up with our posts, you know that a welding career is stable, profitable, and in demand! So, are you ready to get started as a welder? We’d like to help! Here’s our advice for getting your welding career off the ground!


If you’ve never welded before, it would be difficult to know off the top of your head which technique you might be good at and what type of welding you’d most enjoy. That’s why we recommend prospective welders find a trade school program to learn the basics of welding. Start off by mastering the simple techniques that will build your career and along the way, figure out what you’re more drawn to. Do you enjoy stick welding or are you more into MIG/TIG? Are you interested in specialized techniques, or would you like to do a broad range of projects? There are a lot of potential futures waiting for you so take your time trying out different techniques and exploring your options!


So, you’ve been through a trade school program and you’re ready to dive into your career! With a toolbelt full of skills, you’re ready to get a toolbelt full of welding supplies and equipment. That’s where we come in. Sidney Lee Welding Supply is your one-stop-shop for stocking up on all the tools and materials you’ll need to make your work a success. Whether you’re running your own welding business or planning a career as an underwater welder, you’ll need great tools to showcase your skills. Stop by any one of our locations in Atlanta, Macon, Hampton, Conyers, and Douglasville, GA for expert assistance!