Spotlight on the Women Who Weld Program

Accessibility is an important topic and one that features prominently in the welding world. We talk a lot about the amazing careers open to people who gain welding skills, but we don’t want to forget to mention that it isn’t always easy to break into this field as a woman. Like many industries, welding is very male-dominated, and it can be truly difficult to get your footing as a female welder. That’s why we love organizations like Detroit’s Women Who Weld that prioritize excellent training to promote women in this field! Today, we’re taking a closer look at what they do and why it’s so important


Not only does Women Who Weld offer expert welding training for women, but their classes are partially subsidized, making them affordable and accessible to a wide audience. After a single-week workshop, students are ready to enter the workforce with skills that will help them build a sustainable and long-term career. And if that seems like too much of a time commitment for those who are uncertain if welding is for them, they offer single-day introductory workshops to help get new welders comfortable with the technique.


If you’re impressed with what this organization does, just wait until you hear the next part. After the weeklong training, Women Who Weld works hard to help students find job placements and/or apprenticeships in the Southeast Michigan area. This organization really cares about diversifying the workplace and helping women get a foot in the door of the welding industry!

While we may not offer workshops, Sidney Lee Welding Supply is always supportive of women entering the welding industry! If you’re starting out and you’re looking for advice on welding tools and equipment in the Atlanta, GA area, please stop by and see us!