Spotlight on Entertainment Industry Welding

Good news for movie and tv enthusiasts curious about taking up welding; one spot where a lot of welders find work is the film industry. Ever wondered who made the swords in Game of Thrones or who mangled the cars in the crash in The Blues Brothers? You guessed it; welders! But what’s involved in this type of job? Aside from the fun welding we’re all enthusiastic about, there’s a fair amount of research and experimentation. To make old-fashioned weapons often requires contemporary welders to explore antiquated techniques, sometimes bringing them right back to the forge for a project.


One of the main jobs of someone welding in the film industry is to assemble temporary sets. Mostly from lightweight aluminum, these short-term structures aren’t built to last and often need to be fabricated and then disassembled in different locations. That’s when welders turn to their trustworthy Miller MIG and TIG machines to have the mobility and flexibility of their job matched by superior and versatile welding equipment.


And yes, it falls to the welder to slowly (or quickly) destroy objects to show how something may degrade over the course of the film. But it’s not just destruction that’s required for these welders. Making customized props is a huge part of the job and one that certainly pays well. Did you know that the average props budget for a film is somewhere between 1-10% of the total budget? Just to put this in perspective, the average cost of making an action film for a major movie studio is estimated to be around $65 million. We’ll let that sink in as you quietly begin plotting your change of careers. When you’re ready to get serious, stop by Sidney Lee Welding Supply to talk about the kinds of materials and equipment that will best suit you in the film industry!