Spotlight: Miller Electric

Today, we’d like to talk about one of our very favorite suppliers and manufacturers, Miller Electric. We’ve been proud to carry their incredible equipment and tools for years and we are an authorized service center for Miller warranty repairs! So yes, technically we’re a little biased, but for good reason. This company began in 1929, owned and operated by a single person and has grown immeasurably in the years since! Today, it is the world’s leading manufacturer of amazing products, such as multiprocess welding machines and engine driven welder generators. How did they achieve such incredible success in a demanding field? Let’s discuss this!


This is where we might get a little sentimental about this great company. Miller Electric has sculpted its business to be focused on people and people first. In the world of welding, that means that they are endlessly enthusiastic about helping people in the community with their products, providing quick response time to any issues that come up and helping ensure that each product has been thoroughly vetted and tested for safety and productivity. When you purchase a piece of Miller equipment, you know it’s the result of endless testing, user friendly feedback improvements, and constant evolution to ensure that it’s working just as you’d like it to.


If that weren’t enough, they’re committed to more than their fellow welders. Every year, the Miller Electric employee family puts in thousands of hours volunteering in their community. Because this is part of the business’s priorities, Miller Electric offers paid time off to help support their employees as they give back to the community.

Have you been considering bringing a Miller Electric machine into your shop? We can help! Stop by your nearest Sidney Lee Welding Supply store to learn more about this amazing business and take a look at their incredible products!