Shortage of Welders, Not of Welding Jobs!

These days it can seem rare to be able to say confidently that work in any industry is a definite safe bet. Yet fortunately for all of us at Sidney Lee Welding Supply in the Atlanta, GA area, we can state with assurance that jobs in welding are not only here to stay, they are on the up and up! Training for a job in welding is a great move for your career potential, if you believe you have what it takes to apply technical knowledge into practice.

Reports are in, and 2018 looks like a year of growth for fabricators in fields like aerospace, defense, heavy industry as well as agricultural machine fabrication. With big promises being made by government to improve infrastructure across the country, that could mean obvious gains in industrial sector jobs like welding. Experts claim that a lag in delivery of industrial products is only due to a general lack of skilled employees. If you are keen to learn your way around welding equipment, that gap could be filled by you!


There are many ways to operate welding equipment professionally in Georgia. Average wages for millrights vary by region of the United States, but with average wages hovering between $22-$33 an hour, work in this skilled subfield of welding would certainly give you a leg up over the average laborer in Georgia or wherever you are located. According to a recent survey, pay tops out at nearly $90,000 a year for an experienced, fully employed millright (maintaining crucial mill equipment) in the most lucrative parts of the country.


With sources like Carmen Electrode and More Rosies bringing women in welding together, there has never been a time of more support available for women to weld. While there is still a significant pay gap between men and women, advocates of welding schools suggest that delving into their curriculum can equip women welders with the skills they need to dive into the middle-wage segment of the labor force.

As demand increases, it’s up to you to gain the training required to fulfill these exciting new positions that are likely to continue popping up everywhere around the country. Of course, automation is another force we all have to contend with. But this trend will improve the flow of big workshops, and of course, require technicians like you to implement in the first place. To get the welding equipment you need to learn and work as a welder in Georgia such as the latest machines by Miller welders, contact your local Sidney Lee Welding Supply store today.