Set Yourself up for Success

Any weld you attempt will be made better by good preparations. Taking the time to plan out what work you’re doing, how you’ll do it, and what needs to happen to make sure it goes well always pays off! The first stop on this route is to make sure you’re set up with quality tools and equipment from Sidney Lee Welding Supply. Is your Miller welding machine ready to go? Do you have the proper safety equipment to make sure you’ll be protected as you work? Start off the day making sure you’re completely prepared with the right materials and gear to guarantee good work!


Prepwork is an important step in many fields for a reason. If you jump into welding a pipe that hasn’t been property cleaned or before you’ve had time to make the precise measurements that will ensure a strong pipe weld, you’re not likely to be pleased with the result. Before even cutting a pip to make the joint, make sure you’ve carefully prepped your project with all the necessary measurements, and don’t forget to grind the beveled edge! After the parts are properly cut, it’s vital that the metal is cleaned. The extraneous oxidized layers may create inclusions that weaken the weld and the pipe so make sure you remove all lubricant residues.


The pipe fits properly, and it’s been cleaned, is it time to weld? Not quite. Doing a pre-weld inspection can help you avoid missing potential issues. Remember, it’s a lot easier to join metals with a weld than to separate them once they’ve been fused! Borrow an adage from our carpentry friends; measure twice, cut once. Are all of your angles correctly aligned? Are the root openings correctly measured? Figure these out before you even turn on your welding machine to ensure any mistakes are avoided.

If you find yourself stuck while prepping for a weld, know that you can always count on Sidney Lee Welding Supply to give you a helping hand. We’re proud to be a resource to welders near and far and are always ready to help with some advice or a tool recommendation to ensure success in your weld!