Selecting a Cutting Machine

Sidney Lee Welding Cutting Machines

Do you know the difference between plasma or oxy cutters, and how they work? The friendly expert welders at Sidney Lee Welding Supply will be happy to answer your questions.

Let’s talk about them.

Oxy-acetylene torch cutters have more power than plasma cutters, and with an oxygen torch, you can cut though a couple of feet of metal without electricity, relying on welding gas alone.

On the other hand, plasma cutters require AC/DC inverter technology and create the fourth state of matter in order to generate a beam of heat energy, which forms an arc from the torch to the metal you are cutting, and sparks from the alternating current through a neutral gas source. Plasma cutters are best used for thin materials (a couple of inches of material), such as aluminum and steel, and for precision cuts. Another benefit of plasma cutters is that there isn’t a mess to clean up after the cut is made, because they don’t create oxidization and the metal retains its clean appearance. They are a great choice for hobbyist welders because they are fast and easy to operate.

Plasma cutters are ideal if you are cutting more delicate metals like stainless steel or aluminum, whereas an oxy torch will cut through such metals without much precision. If your work requires cutting a variety of materials, you may want to have both types of welding machines in your inventory. Check out the vast selection of welding supplies and inventory of Miller Welders available at your closest Sidney Lee Welding Supply store in the Atlanta, GA area, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.