Safety Highlight: Right-Angle Grinders

The grinder is the best friend of the welding machine! Whatever your project, it’ll be invaluable to have a good grinder by your side. From cutting to grinding, polishing to blending, you’ll have lots of use for this great tool! However, safety is always a top priority when you work in the field of welding. Before any of the fun begins, it’s important that you’re fully set up with proper safety equipment and understand the correct way to use each machine or welding tool. If you’re new to using a welding grinder or just looking to brush up on some information, we have you covered! Today, we’ll discuss the do’s and don’ts for preparing to use the Right-Angle Grinder.


Before any of the welding can begin, including all the prep work, you need to make sure you’re in the right space for your work. It’s very important to weld in a safe environment so make sure that your work area is cleared of any debris, solvents, or chemicals. You’ll be creating incredibly hot sparks that can burn through things rapidly so clean off your work area and make sure there’s no one nearby who could potentially be injured by a stray spark. Once your area is safe, make sure you are too! You’ll need heavy duty, leather boots to protect your feet, denim or wool pants to protect your legs, a thick welding jacket to protect your core and arms, leather gloves for your hands, and of course ear, eye, and face protection. Remember, never, ever skimp on protective gear!


Before you use your grinder, it’s always a good idea to do a full inspection of the tool. Are there any cracks or is anything loose? Is it connected properly? Make sure before you begin. Did you find a handle and a guard in the package when you purchased your grinder? Keep them! A lot of people throw these two pieces away but it’s incredibly helpful to use them. Next, choose the appropriate disk for the material you’ll be working with and attach it to your grinder. Remember, for different applications, use a different disk or wheel. Don’t pick up a habit of using a cut wheel to grind or vice versa. You’ll wear out your wheels and your work won’t look as sharp as it should.

Feeling ready to get started properly? We hope this post has helped you prepare to use your grinder thoroughly! If you’re looking for more tips and tricks for welding equipment in the Atlanta area, stop into a Sidney Lee Welding Supply location and we’ll talk!