Safety for Pipe-fitters

Welding equipment for pipe-fitters includes the best in safety gear and is available from Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in Atlanta GA. Just picture it: you’ve got the welding job of your dreams; you’ve graduated from your two-year intensive AA degree in Welding Technology: you’ve got to get the gear. If you show up expecting to clang away at old lead pipes in order to fit modern fixtures to ancient plumbing, we (and your grandma) hope you’ve got the best quality safety equipment that you can afford. And don’t worry, when you shop for your welding supplies in Atlanta GA at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co, you’ll get the best of both worlds.


For your new job as a welder in the mechanical trades helping to maintain heating and plumbing systems, whether as a pipe-fitter or steam fitter, your work covers an impressive range of techniques. It’s a bit of a cross between the old times and new, since you’ll be operating an old-fashioned hammer as often as a new-fangled arc welder, such as a TIG box from Miller Welders. TIG is a skill pipe-fitters need because often the joints will be finessed through thin alloy welds, a type of metal which tungsten inert gas arc welding (TIG) offers the best welding control over.


Coverage, coverage, coverage: the goal for safe pipefitting is to maintain coverage over all of the parts of your body much like a better-dressed knight. With the latest gear from Miller and other fine welding companies in stock at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co, you’ll stay cool while looking cool too. Check out our selection of welding hoods, ventilators, and gloves to protect your face and hands while pipefitting. Hammer the bad metal away to make room for the artfully welded alloys and fresh clean piping, while avoiding sparks to the eye and all those flinging bits of crusty, rusty, moldy oldies. Come on down to our five convenient welding supply locations in the Atlanta, GA region today.