Routine Equipment Maintenance

When was the last time you performed routine maintenance on your gear? If you had to think about it, it’s probably been too long. But don’t worry, Sidney Lee Welding Supply has got you covered. Keep reading for basic maintenance advice-especially you beginners!

All of your welding equipment requires routine maintenance to run properly and ensure you get you your money’s worth. While every machine requires upkeep, the specific maintenance will vary depending on what you’re working with.

Stick welders require the least amount of maintenance, although you will still want to clean the inside of the machine every once and a while to avoid unwanted buildup of debris. Also, be mindful of any moisture surrounding your electrodes. This can cause them to degrade over time.

MIG welders are much more complex machines and have more parts that need attention. Cleaning your feeder section with compressed air will avoid any unnecessary buildup. Don’t forget to give attention to your contact tips, cone, and diffuser as well to ensure optimum performance.

If you’re short on time, Sidney Lee is an excellent resource for maintenance and equipment cleaning. We perform routine maintenance on all types of machines. Give your local Sidney Lee store a call to learn how and when you can drop off your gear. And remember, don’t put it off-maintenance is required for long term quality of your machines!