Putting Your Skills to Use on Your Car

We’ve spoken many times about the many different applications for welding that can have excellent impacts on your life. Aside from setting yourself up with an great, well-paying career, you can also utilize your skills with countless home projects. One of the best ways to make use of your welding expertise is on your car! Have you noticed rusty spots on your vehicle from age, enduring long rainy seasons, or dealing with snow? No problem! Get out the welding tools purchased from your nearest Sidney Lee Welding Supply store in and around the Atlanta, GA area and get ready to make supe upgrades!


Do you have everything you’ll need to make these repairs? Aside from your MIG welding machine, you’ll also need a hole punch, your welding clamps, a plasma cutter, and your trusted sanding machine. Beyond these tools, you’ll want to get a weldable primer and filler in addition to paint that perfectly matches your car’s color. Take a look at your inventory and if you notice you need something, come by our store for superior welding supplies!


As with every welding project, you’ll want to do an exhaustive examination before you start. Note all the places where the rust must be cut away and then use your plasma cutter to begin this process. The more precise and careful you are with this process, the better the weld and the easier the patch will take.

Now it’s time to get out your grinder. Grind away, removing layers of material that have been compromised and preparing the spots for strong patches. Then, clamp on the replacement metal and use your MIG welder to tack it into place. After these tacks cool, repeat with intermediary tack welds to secure it even further.

Wondering how to complete the process in the best fashion? We’re all ears! Give us a call and ask the pros at Sidney Lee Welding Supply to give you help with expert tips and suggestions for welding tools and equipment you can find right here in Georgia!