Pulsed Welding Stays Popular

We at Sidney Lee love our Miller Welders. As suppliers of welding equipment in Atlanta, GA, these welding machines are some of our store’s constant favorites. Customers and staff agree that Miller Welders machines, from MIG to TIG, are tops. As a reader of our blog, and as an experienced welder, you no doubt know about pulsed welding technology. Depending on your expertise, you may even know that this term can mean many things. We often refer to it for the latest in welding tech, with all kinds of laser pulses providing super-refined weldments with zero friction. But there’s a simpler meaning to pulsed welding, one which is available to you as an operator of welding equipment from Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co.


Our very own Millermatic is a great piece of welding equipment, especially if you love MIG. Gas metal arc welding has a variety of applications around the welding shop. With welding gases like mixed argon-CO2, your Miller Welder can do pulse welding and even alternate between short arc and spray transfer welding without switching gases. In this case pulse welding refers to pulsed MIG welding, which automate the pulse according to the machine. This lets you master spray transfer while keeping it simple with the electronics. With spray transfer welding, your MIG will reach super high heat, and all the burning argon gas helps you weld cleanly even with thick chunky weldments.

Otherwise, pulsed welding often refers to a tungsten-tipped TIG welder, which will be pulsed by the inverter on board. This will help you make the most of your stainless-steel weldments for sure. If you’re into it, you can even browse beautiful pictures of TIG pulsed prowess on all kinds of welding forums. It’s that “dime” on “dime” look that makes for welding-school brochures of our dreams. For the Miller Welders and more that you want to get your welding in gear, contact Sidney Lee Weldign Supply in Atlanta, GA today!