Progress in TIG Welding

Do androids dream of electric welding machines? Do welders constantly dream up better welding equipment? You betcha. Just close your eyes and visualize the greatest weld. What does it look like, how does it feel? Like steel merging with cold steel in a blink of the eye under the scorching heat of the Sun itself. At Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co. in Atlanta, GA we stock the best welding equipment for all of your metallurgic needs. 


Tungsten Inert Gas Welding processes include the use of a welding gas such as argon as a shielding agent, to ensure low oxidization of the metal weldment. To create the high temperatures, charged by a reliable power source, the tungsten filament heats up much like an incandescent bulb in your regular kind of household lamp.

One of the most sought-after usages for TIG welding, that we admit is way out of our wheelhouse, is in the international industry of decommissioning nuclear power plants. These aging plutonic beasts require jobs well done, and as any welder knows, TIG welding when done right will get the details seamlessly welded shut. It comes as no surprise then that the British organization in charge of nuclear safety is teaming up with a leading supplier of TIG welding equipment to invest gigantic sums of the Queen’s own sterling to shore up the bunkers that hold all of that spent nuclear material. Here is just another of the many shining examples of the growing importance of welding in the international scene going forward into the 2020s. The International Atomic Energy Agency estimates that a cool, whopping $1 trillion will need to be invested toward the goal of decommissioning nuclear outfits around the world in the next thirty years alone. 


For your high-quality welding applications for metals requiring precision, such as titanium or aluminum, choose top-quality welding equipment such as a TIG welder from Miller welders. From automotive to robotic to industrial work, at Sidney Lee, we delight in finding your welding shop the machine that is ideal for the kind of work you do to keep the world running more safely.