Pricing Your Work

Are you an independent welder wondering how much to charge for your skills? It’s important to avoid underpricing your work if you’re starting out so you don’t hurt others in your industry, but how do you decide what amount is right? Instead of making some guesses about your hourly, let’s discuss some of the things you should be doing well in order to charge a fair wage.


Before you start your weld, have you tuned in your machine correctly? From the most basic machines to the highest-quality miller welders, you’ll need to make sure you’ve tuned in your voltage and speed just right in order to create a nice weld. Grab a piece of scrap metal and do some tests to make sure your work looks professional. Furthermore, before starting, have you cleaned off the mill scale? This simple act can reduce splatter and smoke for a weld that is sure to impress your customers.


Have you heard of backstarting? This is an important trick to utilize in order to create a clean, crisp weld. As you begin welding, you’ve got a cold start on your hands which can create lumps if you need to turn corners and join weld spots. Backstarting smooths these out, bringing a warmed-up puddle to flatten out your cold start. This creates a very professional corner and is just one more thing you can do to alert your customers that you’re a professional that cares about the stability and quality of your work.

Using these tips and tricks should help you grow you’re hourly from $10 or $20 up to $40 and $50 so take the time to follow these steps! Are you growing a career in welding? For more advice on how to build your business, stop in to Sidney Lee Welding Supply and talk to any one of our teammates!