Popular Welding Machines

Did you know that globally, there were 1.8 million welding machines sold around the world in 2018 alone? That’s a lot of welding equipment making its way into tradespeople’s shops. What kind of welding machine do you prefer? According to one study of all the data, shielded metal arc welding, in general, is still the most popular kind of welding equipment in Georgia and around the world. It makes sense that a semi-automated kind of welder maintains the biggest market share. Inert welding gas like argon gas combined with the classic fire-it-up power of a stick welder makes great sense for the crafter looking to spark an arc and get metal heated in a jiffy.


If you are a student of welding, there is a lot to keep track of, especially when it comes to all the various kinds of welding machine you have at your disposal. Feel free to visit any of Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co’s convenient locations filled with welding supplies in the Atlanta, GA region. Metal inert gas welders like MIG welders, flux core arc welders, and TIG welders all achieve their welding through different technology, which all serves to create a shield around the weld puddle to protect the purity of your craftsmanship. One thing they have in common, though is that compared to the stick welders of your grandparents’ generation, these are all classified as semi-automatic welding equipment: while they aren’t robots, they aren’t just tanks of gas hooked up to a torch, either.


One of the conditions needed for use of these semi-automated welding machines, then, is access to good pure welding gases. Have you heard that the widespread use of helium for entertainment purposes, for example, is threatening the availability of a very precious commodity? Other welding gas like argon, and oxygen for certain mixed-gas uses, are still readily available. But we have to maintain responsibility to prevent the over-use of the earth’s resources in our industry and beyond. Helium prices alone have risen by more than 130% in a year. For the best welding gases, money can buy, call Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in Atlanta, GA.