Pipefitting Could be the Career for you!

Pipefitting might not be on every guidance counselor’s career list, but it should be. At Sidney Lee Welding Supply in Atlanta, GA, we are big proponents of getting our youth into rewarding and lucrative careers. We love helping students find ways of gaining employment that helps repair our nation’s infrastructure. One of the clearest ways to do this is by learning how to use welding equipment in Georgia, at any of our state’s fine welding education programs. Like other fields of our trade, pipefitting is hopefully finding a rebirth with a new influx of funding.


Over in Houston, TX, welders lay claim to the title of the pipefitting capital of America. With the oil industry so massively present in the Gulf, there are lots of pipes that need expert care through the use of welding equipment (like in Georgia, too). So it comes as no surprise that a wealthy pipefitters investment fund has done what it does best: invested in pipefitting! Namely, they have donated to create an easy path for students of the science of welding to get the education they need for success. The director of one of Houston’s major welding schools noted that there are more jobs than applicants to fill them. The new scholarship program hopes to connect the would-be welders with the education (and welding equipment, too) they require to learn to get the job done. Then they can look forward to jobs that pay at a minimum of $17 an hour, with $33 the average pay these days. Hourly wages for a pipefitter in Houston peaks around at around $75 for those professionals with their own welding supplies such as a machine from Miller Welders–and a truck of their own.


If welding oil pipelines isn’t exactly what you hope to do with your career, then don’t despair. There are plenty of other places that require expert pipefitters, from managing construction sites to working in manufacturing shops, to collaborating with home plumbing shops. Regardless of what kind of pipes you want to fit, start by getting an education either in school or on-the-job, and call your local Sidney Lee Welding Supply store in Hampton, Macon, Douglasville, or Conyers, Georgia to get the info and welding equipment you need to succeed today.