Pipefitting as a Career

One of the best things about welding is its incredible diversity of specializations and job opportunities. After you find something that interests you while learning how to weld, you can pursue that to a specific and steady career. One of the most popular jobs for a welder is to work as a Pipefitter. If you’re unfamiliar with this type of work and what it requires, read on!


Being a pipefitter requires more than just an interest in welding. You’ll need excellent skill, mostly in MIG welding techniques, to be successful. Beyond that, energy for your work and physical strength are important as this career requires movement and some heavy lifting. As with a lot of trades, having a good set of math skills is also very important, as well as being able to communicate clearly with coworkers and clients.


Pipefitting involves laying out, assembling, and maintaining piping systems. When you think about how cities work, you can see just how vital it is to have people monitoring and sustaining pipes. This important job mostly takes place at fabrication shops or plants. With all that Pipefitting demands, it also offers a great deal. Your career opportunities include a lot of advancement and possible promotions if you’re enthusiastic and willing to work hard. Want to learn more about this work? At Sidney Lee Welding Supply, you can always ask any questions and get expert recommendations about potential careers from our wonderful staff. Stop in today!