Not Your Typical Welding

Most welding applications call for relatively straightforward techniques. If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably heard of arc welding and MIG/TIG welding. This type of welding will get you far, and most positions will utilize these techniques to accomplish the work. But there’s a whole world beyond these more common types of welding methods! We dive into some of the lesser-known welding techniques in this blog to spark your interest.


Ever heard of Submerged Arc welding? Or Electrogas welding? Along with Electroslag welding, Atomic Hydrogen welding, and Carbon Arc welding, these methods are more specialized and suitable for a range of applications. The fascinating thing about welding is the huge variety of processes, each designed to work for specific materials or ways of working. For example, Electroslag welding is used on the thick metals utilized in nuclear power plants, whereas Submerged Arc welding is a method used successfully when welding steel and some specific alloys.


While you may be familiar with Gas welding, there’s also Resistance welding, Solid-State welding, and Energy Beam welding. Resistance welding combines force and electricity for powerful welds, whereas Energy Beam welding is a method only possible in a complete vacuum.

We hope this brief overview has piqued your interest! Want to learn more about a specific type of welding? Come talk to the team at your local Sidney Lee Welding Supply location and we’ll share the details!