New World Welding with Lasers

The practice of joining metals together by means of high heat, also known as welding, as existed for hundreds of years. So it is only natural that in the modern day, people will figure out new ways of doing this. With advances in nanotechnology—the operation of mechanical applications at the extremely tiny scale—we are beginning to see a post-welding future take shape. Combined with the ever-increasing efficiency of new laser tech, the best welding equipment yet is still on the horizon for sure! Thankfully, tried and true welding machines from Miller welders are available today from Sidney Lee Welding Supply in Atlanta, GA.


New welding technology from Cyan Tech in the UK harnesses the power of laser beams to create precision welds with minimum distortion or stress. Requiring 16 kW of energy to operate, this top-of-the-line welding equipment is geared toward applications in the nuclear and aerospace industries. Laser Zentrum in Germany is another European company that is pushing the boundaries of welding tech by testing out how deep-sea laser systems respond to the high-pressure environment down below the ocean.


If you are an experienced welder, you probably have the image of a nice welding pool permanently etched in your mind. It’s unavoidable that when welding pieces together at high temperatures, this depends on something melting. Yet another German team of welding experts have come up with a method to weld without destroying the surfaces of pieces to be joined together. Like the friction welding we covered in a past blog post, there are ways to join metals at room temperatures. “Metalangelo” is a project from scientists at Kiel University that uses both aluminum and special polymers to create the cleanest welds yet. The promise of this new technique is that welding can take place anywhere, be done quickly, and without the high temperatures we welders are used to. This new generation of welding equipment etches both sides of the weldment at the nano-level, with a proprietary adhesive joining them together. The developers see a bright future for this approach in the industrial and medical fields. Until we are all welding with this kind of microscopic metallic velcro, welders can depend on the top-of-the-line welding machines from Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co to get the job done all around the Atlanta region, from locations in Douglasville, Macon, Hampton, and Conyers, Georgia.