New Welding Advances with Laser technology

One of the most fun areas within the wide world of welding equipment is the super high-tech stuff, the toys your granddaddy didn’t even dream of. As always, the forefront of this tech is in the high-end laser field, and as often is the case, comes to us out of Europe! The German government teamed up with a few top-notch developers of welding equipment to research how laser welding works, and how it can be improved even farther from its already advantageous position among welding machines, from arc-welders to MIG to TIG – pulsed laser welders are in a class of their own.


As always with new welding equipment, the purpose of developing better laser welders is to create better welds: strong, long-lasting weldments for use where it matters. Nobody wants their weld coming apart, but even more so when that weldment is a thousand feet under water, or a few miles out in space! Basically, the longer the weld can stay together without the material cracking, the better. Within the field of laser tech, laser deposition welding is the name of one process that uses an impressive sounding Super Pulse Technology to increase the integrity of the bond between layers of metal.


Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co is used to providing the best welding machines, like those from Miller Welders, for all kinds of applications, from industry to mechanic trades to DIY and student uses. Yet for the aerospace, underwater, and top-level scientific and engineering applications, there are always going to be types of welding equipment that won’t fit in our store’s inventory. This includes laser welders!

Any welder knows their enemy is oxidation: that process where impurities react with the welding process to create places that won’t hold over time. Especially when welding fancy metals like titanium, this can be the welder’s downfall. Laser welding, in combination with a pulsed modulation technology, can solve this issue when used intelligently. The German team discovered that the microstructure of such a weld retained its smooth quality, especially on high end metals like tungsten, niobium and zirconium alloys that melt at very high temperatures. If this kind of research gets your mind going, check it out for yourself! For the rest of us, let’s get back to work using our trusty arc torches and doing what we do best: building infrastructure and fixing the world around us by using our favorite welding supplies in Atlanta, GA.