More Demand for Welders in the Construction Trade

With skyrocketing real estate prices and the increased cost of building, welders in the construction trade will continue to be in high demand. If you are a welder in the construction trade in the Atlanta, GA area, we want you to know that Sidney Lee Welding Supply is a proud distributor of machines and supplies from the best manufacturers in the business. We distribute: Miller Welding Machines, Lincoln Welding Machines and Electrode, Hobart Electrodes, Metabo Power Tools, and Welding Gas Mixtures, to meet your sheet metal welding and steel erecting needs.

Sidney Lee Welding Supply are dependable suppliers of the argon gas and mixed argon/CO2 gases that will ensure consistent supply and successful completion of your fabrication projects. And we supply welding machine rentals, including TIG, MIG, and Stick Welders, and Gasoline, LP and Diesel Welding Machines. If you work in construction, you can rest assured we’ve got your welding equipment and supplies covered, which is critical as the need for new construction will continue to grow.

The real estate market in the Atlanta, GA area is projected to remain strong due to high demand and low inventory. Builders aren’t able to keep up with that demand or build enough homes. Another factor impacting available housing is that Atlanta’s population increased by more than 75% during the last 15 years. The demand for real estate—including new construction— will continue to increase as more people continue to move to the Atlanta area. People are drawn to the Atlanta metro area for its diverse and vibrant city vibe, employment opportunities, a favorable business environment, and other benefits. And areas around the Atlanta beltway are projected to be developed with new construction offering more opportunities for welders in the construction trade.

Builders in the Atlanta area must navigate building codes, which are continually updated due to environmental concerns and raised the cost of building, as well as the cost of lumber and other building supplies. More green building—environmentally conscious materials and installation methods—will continue to trend upwards and impact the cost of construction for new homes. New home construction and therefore welding jobs, will continue to increase in 2022 and beyond as there is a backlogged demand for new homes. With demand high and low inventory, the need for builders, welders, and other construction trade professionals will only increase. The need for building new homes is projected to continue for the next 30 years to house the projected 2 million people moving to the Atlanta metro area in that time frame.

With such a projected need for new home construction for many years to come, welders in the construction trade should be in high demand for years to come. Contact Sidney Lee Welding Supply for all of your welding needs or if you have any questions, and we’ll be happy to help!