Mobile Welding

Have you considered a career in mobile welding, or want to learn more about it?

Mobile welders specialize in making repairs on-site, such as stainless steel restaurant equipment, heavy duty large equipment, a broken handrail, architectural or structural repairs, or heavy duty construction. Welders, who choose this type of mobile career, should be skilled in working with all types of metals, including stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, and alloys. You should also be able to handle a variety of projects from fabrication to repairs and metal cutting. And it’s important to have the skills and certifications to be able to repair residential, commercial, or industrial on-site projects.

Typically, you will be a one-person small business, so this comes with a great deal of responsibility and a lot of travel. There are various types of industries you might work in as a mobile welder including making repairs to creating custom structures.

Establishing a mobile-welding business can cost less than setting up a welding shop. Being your own boss, you’ll have more freedom creating your schedule and traveling to different locations. You also have the potential to make more money being self-employed, especially as you gain more experience and skills. However, there are still costs involved in setting up a mobile welding business, including a truck, welding equipment, insurance and a welding license.

If you choose mobile welding, be prepared to travel with your welding equipment and expertise, and contact Sidney Lee Welding Supply today. We’ll help you determine what essential equipment you’ll need to succeed as a mobile welder.