MIG Welding with Miller Welders

At Sidney Lee Welding Supply Company, our five stores provide our customers with welding equipment in the Atlanta, GA area. We are most excited about the new MIG machine from our friends at Miller Welders, which takes the familiar metal inert gas welder to the next level. What does the new Millermatic have that the other ones (and probably, the machines in your welding shop) don’t have? It combines the GMAW power with the depth of a pulse welder. That’s what makes the new machines from Miller Welders some of the best welding equipment in GA today.


These days, with welding becoming a required skill for people in all the trades, not every person operating a welding machine (especially the MIG welders that have such a wide range of applications) will be a definite expert. That’s why we appreciate the user-friendliness of Miller welders. Their on-screen displays are easy to operate (with a few buttons so you don’t have to keep moving your hand around out of its glove). Even better, there is an auto-set feature that suggests settings that will work for what you have set up. This can be a crucial feature for the newcomer to pulse welding, which can take some getting used to get the arc length just right. Of course, pro and expert pulse welders can override whatever the computer suggests: you are still the master of your welding equipment.


Why would you want to upgrade your existing welding equipment to make use of a new pulse welding feature? If you are welding steel that is 18-gauge in thickness, such as what you might use for making car repairs, this can be a quick solution to get it together. Combined with the right welding gas, a pulse welder can enable clean welding that you might not expect from a MIG welder. That sizzle sound you’re used to comes from when the electrode touches the melted weldment. The pulse of a pulse welder refers to the on and off nature of current, which allows for cooling moments in between welding, which can have advantages for certain metal thicknesses you are working on in your shop. When welding in Atlanta, GA, call Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co for the best welding equipment from Miller Welders.