Measure Twice, Cut Once Mentality in the Welding World

Joining metal together isn’t permanent (without getting too existential, is anything?), but once you weld a seam, it takes some effort to disassemble it. So why not make sure you’re doing it correctly in the first place? In the carpentry world, they live by the methodology of “measure twice, cut once” and we think that’s a pretty good idea. The welding equivalent isn’t too far off, and it involves a few habits that are beneficial to every welder. Soon enough, these will be second nature but if you’re just getting started, you’ll want to work on building up these skills to make sure you’re doing your best as you learn! Let’s break it down:


This is the part where you take a close look at your materials. A thorough inspection will always come in handy and save you time down the line. Imagine putting time and effort into an exciting welding project only to find out that your materials had cracks or gouges in them that weaken your work. Avoid that by scanning your metal, making sure it’s clean, in good condition, and the right dimensions for the project you’re working on. Next, review the specs for the project you’re going to weld. If this is something you’ve designed, you should have clear drawings that illustrate how the piece is built. Review all your project details to make sure you’re fully ready to get to work.


Next, you’ll want to get all your welding tools, materials, and supplies handy in an organized manner. You’re bound to have more success with your project if you have the tool you need within arm’s reach, easily accessible. Gathering everything ahead of time also helps to ensure you have all the things you’ll need for this project. Finally, before any welding can occur, it’s important to sweep the area for any safety hazards. Welding tools are powerful and should be respected. Make sure you’re wearing the correct clothing and gear, and that the area you’re working in is able to handle welding without posing any danger to you or those around you.

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